Do Happier Employees Give Companies Better Returns?

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Corporations listed in Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For in America” had equity returns that were 3.5% per year higher than those of their peers, indicating that employee satisfaction correlates positively with shareholder returns, says Alex Edmans of the Wharton School.

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Does ending prices in “.99” really fool anyone?

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Does ending prices in “.99” really fool anyone? – Barking up the wrong tree.

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Narrow Fabric of Wyomissing to Close

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Narrow Fabric Industries Corp. announced today that it will close its West Reading plant effective immediately, laying off more than 100 employees.

Charles Miller, president of the company, confirmed that the 111-year-old maker of elastic and nonelastric fabric and trim for the hosiery, lingerie and medical industries would close.

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Hamburg Industries Shuts Down

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The assets of Hamburg Industries Inc., manufacturer of brooms, brushes and mops, have been purchased by Nexstep Commercial Products, Springfield, Ohio, for an undisclosed price, and its 16 workers have been laid off.

Hamburg Industries President and Chief Executive Officer Richard E. Stiller said Thursday that his impending retirement, the inability to sell the company as a whole and foreign competition forced him to sell off the assets.

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Two Unexpected Ways To Increase Productivity

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Two studies reported on Barking Up The Wrong Tree:

Can a web break make you more productive?

The answer is yes.


How much of office gossip is true?

If left unguarded, the grapevine can become an organization’s worst enemy, but when it is managed properly it can significantly increase the productivity and job satisfaction of employees.

The grapevine’s communication does not really concentrate on gossip regarding individuals; about 80% of it pertains to business-related politics. It is also interesting to note that 70-90% of a message’s details are usually correct.

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Merger Approved For Berks Co. Bank

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Customers Bank announced that shareholders approved the formation of Customers Bancorp Inc., its new bank holding company, and approved the merger with Berkshire Bancorp Inc. at a special meeting Tuesday in Crowne Plaza Reading, Wyomissing. The merger brings the bank, led by Berks County banker Jay S. Sidhu, up to $2 billion in assets.

via Reading Eagle – Local banks’ merger approved